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We are professional bracelets maker on line. We have our designer team to make you the best design. All you need to do is send us the basic image of your logo and message on the bracelet. The bracelets for womens are quite different on size. We make 190mm as circumference for women while 150mm for toddler, 180mm for youth and 202mm for adult. 1/4 and 1/2 inch width is good for an women bracelet. We make the wristband all in pantone colors. It includes almost all the colors you want. The popular styles are debossed, embossed, colorfilled, printed and embossed printed. You can refer to the Category page to see the feature of each. Big sales now of 10% discount using coupon code SAVE10. Order over than 100 get 100pcs wristbands free & 10pcs keychains free. Order less than 100 get 50pcs wristbands free & 5 pcs keychains free. Welcome to place an order here.    

s for free. If you need to put your logo on wristband, JPG, PDF or AI file is appreciated. Our designer is skilled to transfer it into the digital proof. We will make it to your satisfaction. We are integrity of making and selling. Low price, good quality and service is our rule. If order less than 100pcs , get 50pcs free , order more than 100pcs , get 100pcs free. The free are of same design as ones you order. Large amount, more favorable price. No MOQ here, even 1pcs we will make. We are always strict in quality of our product focusing on edge cutting, polluted mark . Due to the prompt service of FedEx, UPS and DHL, we are able to make a 2 days order. Super rush order of 1 days production and 1 days shipping is available. And we have ability to do international orders, only needs little international shipping fee extra. We are always on line for your order and inquiry, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You could contact us via live chat, hot line and email. If you place an order, you can custom rubber braceletspay it by PayPal, credit card or debit card. If you are not pay on line, we are able to send an invoice for which you can pay later. We will make and send you digital proof even it is just a quote.  

slogan of the fundraiser on the bracelet. It can even be a QR code now. When you scan the QR code with a phone, all the detail will show up. Like detail of fundrais and the link to give money. It is very convenient. It is easy to make one, let me show you. Select wristband style. The popular styles are debossed, embossed, colorfilled, printed and embossed printed.Colorfilled is a kind of wristband debossed and filled with colors. It has a debossecustom rubber braceletsd effect on the surface of wristband. Embossed printed silicone wristband is made by mould also. Logo or text is more outstanding with embossed effect. Printed silicone wristband is plain with a customized logo. Your logo or text can be printed on the surface of the blank wristband by the silk screen printing technology. It is especially suitable for personalizing complex logo. Select size. Regular sizes of a silicone wristband are 6”(150mm) for toddler, 7”(180mm) for youth, 8”(202mm) for adult in circumference and 1/4”(6mm), 1/2”(12mm), 3/4”(19mm), 1”(25mm) in width. We make it all together 2mm thickness. Select colors and quantity. Enter the message you need to put on the wristband. You are able to make the message front and back or continuous outside. For the inside, the message can be printed or embossed.  

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